Associate Professor of Psychology
Please visit my lab : The West Interpersonal Perception Lab


Broadly speaking, my research focuses on understanding the nature and dynamics of social perception. Nearly all of my work examines basic processes in person perception at the level of the dyad and group, addressing both theoretical and methodological issues in the study of interpersonal and intergroup relations.

My general line of research examines how the processes of social perception operate in same- and cross-group interactions, with a specific focus on relations between Whites and racial and ethnic minorities. I use a multi-method approach to studying dyadic- and group-level interactions. In this line of work, I am focusing on methods of improving communication between Whites and ethnic minorities in laboratory interactions and in daily interactions between college roommates.

I also have a general theoretical interest in accuracy and bias in person perception, and I am currently developing new analytical methods for examining these two related perceptual processes.



PhD, University of Connecticut, 2008 (Social Psychology)
BA, University of California at Santa Barbara, 2003 (Psychology) 


Associate Professor of Psychology, New York University, 2008-present

Selected Publications

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