Motivation Lab

The Motivation Lab at NYU explores how conscious and non-conscious processes interact in influencing people’s thought, emotion, and behavior. Research has focused on fantasies, goals, and plans, and their role in self-regulating human functioning. We also consider contextual influences on self-regulatory processes. Research methods span from highly controlled lab experiments to field interventions applying the discovered principles to solve current real world problems. We use neuro-imaging to classic cognitive reaction time paradigms to observational, self-report, and field experimental techniques. As we focus on discovering content-free principles of how conscious and non-conscious processes regulate human thought, emotion, and behavior, our research can be tested and applied in all areas of psychology. For example, we publish in Journals of Social and Personality Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Educational Psychology, Consumer Psychology, as well as in Journals of Neuroscience and in Medical Journals.