Jonathan Winawer


Scission demos with Bart Anderson


Flash Scission demo (best!)

Based on two papers that Bart and I wrote (Nature, 2005; JoV 2008). Janice Chen made the flash demo.

This is the icon for our Journal of Vision paper. It is an attempt to sum up the paper in a 96 x 96 pixel animated gif: When the disc has no ring, there is an illusion: it appears black when it moves down and white when it moves up. The illusion is greatly weakened when a thin ring surrounds the disc.

Cloud movie


The left and right discs are the same. The surrounding context causes them to look different.


Cloud with rotated surrounds

When the surrounding textures are rotated 90 degrees it is easier to see that the two discs are identical.


Cloud with gray discs

When the discs are gray, they look similar; the fact that one disc is on a darker background than the other has little effect.


Matisse DancersDescription: Macintosh HD:Users:jonathanwinawer:Documents:public_html_nyu:Scission Demos:AndersonWinaverECVP2005.jpg

ECVP illusion contest.


Chess pieces

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:jonathanwinawer:Documents:public_html_nyu:Scission Demos:images:chess_Layer-2.gif

From our paper. Nathan suggested chess pieces. Yuanzhen helped me take pictures to make silhouettes.


A neuron

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:jonathanwinawer:Documents:public_html_nyu:Scission Demos:WolfeCover.jpg 

From the cover of Jeremy Wolfe's Textbook, Sensation & Perception (1st Ed). Bart and I helped design this while I was visiting Sydney.