The West Interpersonal Perception Lab

Lab Resources

Below is the data set from the following paper:

West, T.V., Koslov, K., Page-Gould, E., Major, B., & Mendes, W. B. (in press). Contagious anxiety: Anxious European Americans can transmit their physiologic reactivity to African Americans. Psychological Science.

Pilot: STEM and Stress Individual Study Protocol

  • Soon we will post the full protocol and materials for the "stem and stress" study

    STEM and Stress Study

    Group Decision Making Study

  • Webinar 1: Restructuring data from individual format to person period pairwise format

  • Creating data
  • PEP individual

    Webinar 2: Lagging variables in SPSS and SAS

    Below are the files used in the webinar:

  • Lag data file in SPSS
  • Lag syntax in SPSS
  • Lag data file in SAS
  • Lag syntax in SAS

  • Webinar 3: Downsampling an IBI Series Using Python

  • Resampling for Baseline
  • Exporting to Excel for Baseline
  • Resampling for Task
  • Exporting to Excel for Task
  • Below is a video providing instructions on how to use the above Python Scripts.

    These files are useful whenever you have a series of Inter-Beat Intervals (IBI) that you would like to analyze using SPSS or any other software. IBI series are not inherently structured as time series, and in this webinar we will show you how to make that transformation. Any questions about the scripts should be addressed to Oana Dumitru.

    Power Analysis for Multilevel Modeling

  • Power Analysis for Multilevel Modeling
  • Multilevel Modeling Workshop November 2017

    Below is a zip file containing all materials used in the workshop