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"Dan laughed. 'Of course nobody knows anything. You just get what information you can through the windows of your five senses, and then make your guesses. When they're wrong, you pay the penalty.'"
— S. G. Weinbaum, "Pygmalion's Spectacles"

What you think you see is what you get. What factors contribute to inferences we make about reality and what are the consequences of making (and believing in) those inferences? My research investigates the effects of cognitive structuring principles on mental representations of the world around us.

I conduct research in both the Trope and Murphy Labs. My approach is informed by work in a variety of domains, including the formation and use of concepts and categories, associative learning, construal level theory, spatial reasoning, and perspective taking.

We are inundated with data on a daily basis, and factors that influence how we organize and use that information—often without our explicit awareness—are critical to a better understanding of how people navigate their environment and interact with one another.

David Bosch
David A. Bosch


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