NYU Research Studies (Paid)

These studies seek participants (subjects), and pay for your time. Click on the PDF icon to read the descriptions and requirements. If you're interested, click the contact person's name to send an email asking to participate. The same information is posted as flyers on the Paid Studies bulletin board on the first floor of the Psychology Building, 6 Washington Place, outside Room 151. To read the PDF files, you'll need the (free) Adobe the (free) Adobe Acrobat Reader. acrobat

You may also sign up for paid studies by creating a user account through the new Sona Paid Research Studies database https://nyu-paid-psych.sona-systems.com/

Study (click for details) Lab Time Pay Contact Study Expiration
Affective Learning and Decision MakingPhelps Lab 2-day study, must occur one day apart; both approx 1 hour$20 p/hr, plus additional bonus based on performanceEmily Boeke07-05-17
Affective Search Task: Two SessionsElizabeth Phelps2-sessions
1x~2 hours
1x~0.5 hour
$15/hourElizabeth Goldfarb07-04-17
Behavioral Study - Two SessionsThe Phelps Lab2-days, both days approx 1 hr $15/hour+bonusJennifer Lenow07-04-17
Cognitive Models of BehaviorGureckis Lab 30-120 Minutes $10 per hour plus $5 bonus for multi-session studiesShannon Tubridy01-27-17
Confidence and Decision MakingMaloney Lab Up to one hour$10 per hourShaoming Wang 03-02-17
Context and Decision MakingMaloney Lab 1 hour $10 per hour Shaoming Wang 03-09-17
Decision Making StudyGlimcher Lab 60 min $15/hr + task earningsHui-Kuan Chung01-06-17
Emotion and Decision Making Glimcher Lab Up to 3 sessions, approx 2 hrs$15/hr plus possible food/consumer items rewards or additional moneyCandace Raio 07-28-17
Frequency and Decision MakingMaloney Lab 1 hour $10 per hour Shaoming Wang 03-09-17
MEG Investigation of Language ComprehensionLiina Pylkkänen LabUp to 2 hours $15/hourSamir Reddigari 06-17-17
Neural Representation of Valuation Glimcher Lab 3 sessions, 2 hrs each $20/hr plus possible food/consumer item rewards Anna Konova 04-01-17
Neural Representation of ValuationGlimcher Lab 2 sessions, 2 hrs each$120 plus possible food consumer itens Anna Konova 04-01-17
How Do We Learn To Produce New Words?Buchwald Lab~100 minutes over 2 sessions $35 upon completionBuchwald Lab 11-03-16
How do we make decisions?Glimcher Lab 90 min $50 + task earningHui-Kuan Chung01-06-17
Sleep and Learning Study_SoMSoM 2 hours sleep + 2 hours awake $15 per hour SoM 01-21-17
Sleep Study_SoMSoM up to 5 hours $15 per hour SoM 01-21-17
Visual perception, attention, and memory in humansMa Lab between 1 and 10 one-hour sessions$10 per session Wei Ji Ma 05-25-17
Young Adult Political Interest Dr. LaRue Allen (Steinhardt) short online survey Entered into $10 Amazon Gift Card Drawing Survey 01-19-17