What Social Psychology PhD Students Do After NYU

Those leaving NYU Fall of 2012

Students come to the Doctoral Program in Social Psychology with the expectation that their training will allow them to move on to academic positions and postdoctoral fellowships in social psychology and related fields. The students moving on from NYU in the fall of 2012 give an example of the options that graduates pursue:

  • Suzy Caleo will be joining the faculty at the Ourso College of Business at Louisiana State University as Visiting Assistant Professor of Management.
  • Irina Feygina will be working in New York, and abroad a researcher and adjunct faculty member at the Environment and Society Program at the Polytechnic Institute of New York, and also as a visiting faculty member at the University of Warsaw.
  • May Ling Halim will be joining the psychology department at California State University, Long Beach as Assistant Professor.
  • Heather Barry Kappes will be joining the faculty of the London School of Economics as Lecturer in the Department of Management.
  • Sam Maglio will be joining the faculty at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, as Assistant Professor of Marketing.
  • Kyle Ratner will be moving to Ohio State, where he will have a postdoctoral position.  He expects to be working primarily with Baldwin Way, a neuroscientist who works in the emerging field of social neurochemistry, but will also be able to collaborate with other social faculty as well.