Masters in General Psychology: Curriculum

Formal requirements for the MA degree in General Psychology include the satisfactory completion of 36 points (i.e., credits).  At least 24 of those credits must be taken at NYU, and at least 15 must be in the Psychology Department.  One consequence of these restrictions is that no more than 12 credits can be transferred in from another university.

In addition, all core courses must be taken at NYU in the Psychology Department, and students must earn a grade of at least B in all courses to avoid being placed on Academic Probation.  Students who receive below a B- in a core course may only count that course as an elective and not toward his or her core requirements.

All of the courses in the M.A. program are 3 points each, so 12 courses must be taken. Students may take anywhere between one and three courses each semester. The program is expected to take two years to complete in most cases, but can be completed a little sooner for full-time students (especially if some courses are taken during the summer session), or somewhat later for those taking courses part-time. A student who has completed all course work, but must stay enrolled to take the comprehensive examination or complete a thesis, must pay a matriculation fee each semester until graduation. A maximum of five years from the date of first registration is allowed for completing the degree.

Core Course Requirements
Three courses, distributed as follows: 1-2 from each of Core A and Core B for a total of 3 (i.e., 2 from Core A and 1 from Core B; or 1 from Core A and 2 from Core B). Students may only count either Affective Neuroscience or Cognitive Neuroscience towards fulfilling a core requirement--if a student chooses to take both courses, one course will only count as an elective. All students are required to take:

PSYCH-GA 2016 Master’s Statistics
PSYCH-GA 2126 Research Method’s and Experience

The core requirements for the general program are listed below:

Core A: Core B:
PSYCH-GA 2010 Principles of Learning PSYCH-GA 2014 Psychology of Social Behavior
PSYCH-GA 2012 Physiological Basis of Behavior PSYCH-GA 2015 Theories of Personality
PSYCH-GA 2025 Cognitive Psychology PSYCH-GA 2020 Child Development
PSYCH-GA 2026 Cognitive Neuroscience PSYCH-GA 2034 Foundations of Psychopathology
PSYCH-GA 2049 Affective Neuroscience

Recommended Electives:
PSYCH-GA 1080 Psychoanalytic Theory
PSYCH-GA 2029 Psychopharmacology
PSYCH-GA 2030 Physiological Basis of Abnormal Behavior
PSYCH-GA 2031 Neuropsychology
PSYCH-GA 2032 Industrial and Organizational Psychology
PSYCH-GA 2036 Psychology of Violence
PSYCH-GA 2038 Forensic Psychology
PSYCH-GA 2039 Advanced Forensic Psychology
PSYCH-GA 2051 Health Psychology
PSYCH-GA 2053 Gender Roles
PSYCH-GA 2054 Developmental Psychopathology
PSYCH-GA 2057 Traumatic Stress Reactions
PSYCH-GA 2059 Psychology of Decision-Making
PSYCH-GA 2060 Introduction to Psychological Testing
PSYCH-GA 2062 Theories of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
PSYCH-GA 2068 Consumer Research Methods
PSYCH-GA 2075 Counseling Psychology
PSYCH-GA 2121 Theories of Psychotherapy
PSYCH-GA 2125 Fieldwork

For a brochure on this program: MA General Brochure [PDF file] (If you are unable to open this file, you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free which will enable you to do so. To download Adobe Acrobat Reader go to: )