Developmental Faculty


Primary Faculty

Affiliations Research question
Karen Adolph Cognition & Perception
Center for Neural Science
How do infants learn new motor skills? ... (more)
photo Gary Marcus Cognition & Perception
What are the building blocks of the mind? ... (more)
Marjorie Rhodes Cognition & Perception
How do concepts develop? ... (more)
Athena Vouloumanos Cognition & Perception
Is speech a special sound for humans? ... (more)
  Developmental Concentration Faculty also co-direct the new NYU Center for Research on Culture, Development, and Education.


Affiliated Faculty

LaRue Allen Applied Psychology  
Jerome Bruner School of Law
I'm interested in the various institutional forms by which culture is passed on -- most particularly in school practices and in legal codes and legal praxis. ... (more)
  Xavier Castellanos Child Study Center  
photo Diane Hughes Applied Psychology What do parents communicate to their children about race and intergroup relations? ... (more)
  Martin Hoffman
Developmental My long-term interest is social and emotional development, especially empathy, moral development, and the relation between the two. ...(more)
  Lynne Kiorpes

Center for Neural Science
Cognition & Perception

My current research efforts include studies of the development of visual function in young macaque monkeys under conditions of normal and abnormal visual experience. ... (more)
photo Gabriele Oettingen Social
How do you make your fantasies come true? ... (more)

Diane Ruble


Do girls learn to be girls? ... (more)
photo Edward Seidman Applied Psychology
How can we help at-risk adolescents? ... (more)
photo Beth Shinn Applied Psychology
Public Policy
How can social settings and social policies be modified to promote people's well-being? ... (more)
photo Pat Shrout Social
How can we learn about the causes and modifiers of human suffering when strong experimental methods are not ethical or feasible? ... (more)
  Catherine Tamis-LeMonda Applied Psychology  
  Niobe Way Applied Psychology  
Michael Westerman Developmental Why do some people relate to others in dysfunctional ways even though this leads to disappointments and distress? ... (more)
photo Hiro Yoshikawa

Applied Psychology

How can prevention programs and public policies in the United States improve developmental adaptation among the diversity of American children living in poverty? ... (more)