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Graduate Student Handbook

NYU Student Services


An NYU ID card is required of all students for a variety of reasons, most importantly the use of the NYU Bobst Library. When you first enter NYU - either before or after you register - you need to go to the NYU Card Center to get your NYU card (7 E. 12th St., between University Pl. & 5th Ave.). (If before, you will need your Social Security # / Student ID # and your letter of admission; if after, you will need only your Social Security # / Student ID #.) The use of your ID card is also necessary to gain you access at all times to the Meyer Building at 6 Washington Place where the Psychology Department is housed. But before your ID card can be used off-hours, you must see Veronica Holton, Department Administrative Aid, in Room 550 to enable its code to be recognized for access by the card reader at the Meyer Building entrance. Those students assigned responsibilities as teaching assistants are each eligible to receive an ID card which allows them expanded use of Bobst Library, including a longer borrowing period for library books and a 10% discount at the NYU Book Center.

Mail Facilities

All students in the Program in Cognition and Perception have mailboxes. It is the student's responsibility to check her/his mailbox often, as memos from the program office will be left there. Make sure that if you tell anyone to leave something for you that you instruct them to leave it in your mailbox and not with the secretarial staff, unless permission to do so has been granted. Memos for faculty may be left in their boxes, which are in the same location, near Room 862. Please bear in mind that these mailboxes are not for receiving personal mail; that should be mailed to your home. You should only receive mail related to your work here in psychology (professional publications are acceptable). Upon leaving the university, you should have your mail forwarded (forms are available at Post Office).

Also, above the mailboxes are two boxes from which to mail any outgoing or interoffice mail. The outgoing mail is to be used for business-related purposes only. The University mail service will not pick up mail that has already been stamped. There are two mail deliveries daily (approximately 10:30 AM & 2:30 PM). If you have any special needs regarding mail services (mailing packages, Express Mail, etc.) please see your Program Administrator.

When you need to give out your school/business mailing address, it is:

Department of Psychology
New York University
6 Washington Place, 8th Floor (MC: 1051)
New York, New York 10003

DO NOT use this as your "permanent" or "home" address.

E-Mail Accounts

All new NYU students automatically receive an e-mail account from NYU ITS (Information Technology Services). Your NYU email address can be found on your NYU Photo ID, where it says NYU NET ID. All official emails will go to this address. For more information about activating and using your NYU email account, click here. You can also contact ITS by phone about your email account by calling the ITS Help Desk at 998-8333 (x8333).

Telephone Usage

Telephones are available for students' use in their offices. These phones may be used to make calls to other offices within the University by dialing the last five digits of a number with a "99" exchange 99(x-xxxx). Outside calls within New York City may also be made by simply dialing "9-1-212" first and then the number for calls to Manhattan and the Bronx or dialing "9-1-718" first for calls to Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. Long distance business-related calls only need to be placed for you by one of the faculty or staff. Please see them for further assistance. If you need to call an "800" toll-free number, you may do so by dialing "9-1-800" and then the telephone number. Student phones are useable 24 hours a day; however, long-distance calls can generally only be made until 7 pm; operator-assisted calls until 5 pm. Collect calls cannot be made from any University phone. Pay phones are available for these and any other personal calls in the lobby of the Psychology Building (left-wing).


With your NYU ID card in hand, you are allowed to use any of the NYU Libraries, including Bobst Library and the library at the Courant Institute. You may be especially interested in checking out the NYU Medical Center Library, located at the Medical Center at 550 First Avenue. You may also use the libraries at Cooper Union at Astor Place, and at the New School for Social Research. Reading but not lending privileges are allowed at the CUNY Graduate Center on West 43rd Street, as well as at Columbia University. Check with the reference desk on the first floor of Bobst Library for other information regarding special services at Bobst and other nearby libraries or click here.


The Psychology Department is equipped with a large volume copier located in the Psychology Main Office (Room 550). The machine may be used for your own personal copying needs. Graduate students are given a copier code and an allotment of 1000 pages per year. Beyond that allotment, copies will be charged at 5 cents a page. For this kind of copying, go directly to the 5th floor copy room. For non-paid copying pertaining to a faculty sponsor's research, the student should obtain and use that sponsor's copy code. Other non-paid copying of an official (i.e. department or program) nature requires the permission of the Program Administrator. Do not ask the administrative staff in Room 550 for such permission. You will be given a slip which allows you to do the copying. Then take your copying materials with the slip to the staff in Room 550. Only teaching and research-related work may be copied without any charge to you. You may also be requested by your advisor or the person for whom you TA to have something copied for them. Occasionally, you may have the need to get one or two copies of something in a rush. In this case you may use the small copy machine located next to the 8th-floor mailboxes. However, you may use this machine only for very small jobs.

Student Insurance

It is NYU policy that a student must be suitably insured. Either the student must produce documentation to that effect or subscribe to an insurance plan provided by the University to which the student contributes a reasonably low percentage of the cost. For more information and the necessary forms and procedures see Student Health Insurance or consult the Academic Affairs Coordinator.

Income Tax

If your income is from university fellowships (i.e., the MacCracken fellowship), taxes are automatically not withheld. If you are on the university payroll (such as for TA's and RA's), taxes are withheld. If you are an International Student, the situation varies by country and you should see Sergej Zoubok for information. Aside from the above clarifications, you must see your own tax consultant for help with and/or see www.irs.gov .