Graduate Student Handbook

Extracurricular Activities

About Our Department. The Department of Psychology consists of two programs: Cognition and Perception (8th floor) and Social (7th floor). Frequent informal talks and colloquia are given within each of these programs and listings are posted on the department's Events Page . All announcements of seminars and meetings are posted on bulletin board throughout the building. Talks of special interest are sometimes distributed to faculty and student mailboxes or by e-mail.

Talks, Journal Clubs and Email Lists. There are a number of ways in which events of interest are announced. As a member of the Program in Cognition and Perception, you will automatically be enrolled in mailing lists that will tell you about these various events. To view these events on your own, consult, which will give you links to a list of journal clubs, colloquia, department meetings, brown bag seminars and an academic calendar. Also, consult (click on "Events"), for a list of journal clubs (vision, audition, computational neuroscience, etc.) and other events within the Center for Neural Science. To join any of these lists, please send an email to cns@cns.nyu. There is an email list for talks in the NYC area on vision that encompasses several campuses and fields (, contact Prof. Landy to be included).

Other NYU Departments. Flyers are frequently posted within the Psychology Department for talks given in other University departments. We most frequently see announcements for talks in Anthropology, Biology, Center for Neural Science, Chemistry, and Computer Science, as well as talks given at NYU's Medical Center. Postings are usually on separate Departmental sheets posted about the Program floors. Many NYU talks of interest are also to be found in the Graduate School of Arts and Science Calendar of Events, which is a monthly calendar and is usually found posted on the bulletin boards.

Talks at Nearby Campuses. Other seminar and symposia of interest to our students are to be found at Columbia University, Rockefeller University, CUNY Graduate Center, SUNY College of Optometry, and the New School for Social Research, as well as some other schools in the vicinity. We often receive information for such talks here, and they are posted on bulletin boards near the elevators whenever we receive them.

New York Academy of Sciences. Student membership fees in the New York Academy of Sciences are $35/year. The Academy is located at7 World Trade Center (212-298-8600). Members can attend monthly meetings of any of a number of sections, including Psychology, Linguistics, Biomedical Sciences, Math, Computer Science, Anthropology, Biological Science. Membership includes a free subscription to The Sciences, a monthly journal and free attendance at the NYAS National Conference. For more information about section meeting times, various symposia, etc., click here.