Shelby Bachman
Doctoral Student
New York University
Department of Psychology
Cognition & Perception Program

Humboldt Universität zu Berlin
MSc in Interdisciplinary Neuroscience, 2017
University of Southern California
BS in Neuroscience, 2013

Bachman SL, Salzman GA, Burke RV, Arbogast H, Ruiz P, Upperman JS. (2016). Observed child restraint misuse in a large, urban community: results from three years of inspection events. Journal of Safety Research.56, 17-22.
Bachman SL, Arbogast H, Ruiz P, Farag M, Demeter NE, Upperman JS, Burke RV. (2015). A school-hospital partnership increases knowledge of pedestrian and motor vehicle safety. Journal of Community Health. 40(6), 1057-64.
Lin AC, Salzman GA, Bachman SL, Burke RV, Zaslow T, Piasek CZ, Edison BR, Hamilton A, Upperman JS. (2015). Assessment of parental knowledge and attitudes toward pediatric sports-related concussions. Sports Health. 7(2), 124-9.
Bachman SL, Demeter NE, Lee GG, Burke RV, Valente TW, Upperman JS. (2014). The impact of trauma systems on disaster preparedness: A systematic review. Clinical Pediatric Emergency Medicine. 15(4), 296-308.
Burke RV, Kim TY, Bachman SL, Iverson EI, Berg BM. (2014). Using mixed methods to assess pediatric disaster preparedness in the hospital setting. Prehospital Disaster Medicine.29(6), 1-7.
Clewett D, Bachman S, Mather M. (2014). Age-related reduced prefrontal-amygdala structural connectivity is associated with lower trait anxiety. Neuropsychology. 28(4), 631-42.

Posters and Presentations:

Arbogast H, Bachman 143rd APHA Annual Meeting. Chicago, IL, 2015.
Gu Y, Demeter NE, Bachman 143rd APHA Annual Meeting. Chicago, IL, 2015.
Bachman Kidz in Motion Annual Child Passenger Safety Conference. Orlando, FL, 2015.
Lin AC, Salzman GA, Bachman Quantitative Assessment of Parental Knowledge and Attitudes Toward Pediatric Sports-related Concussions. American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting. San Diego, CA, 2015.
Bachman An Innovative School-Hospital Partnership Increases Knowledge of Pedestrian and Motor Vehicle Safety. Pediatric Academic Societies Annual Meeting. San Diego, CA, 2015.
Cleek EA, Salzman GA, Bachman Society of Trauma Nurses Annual Conference. Jacksonville, FL, 2015.
Bachman 142nd APHA Annual Meeting. New Orleans, LA, 2014.
Foertsch A, Meinders C, Bachman Western Psychological Association Convention. San Francisco, CA, 2012.