Pelli-Robson Contrast Sensitivity Chart

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The Pelli-Robson Contrast Sensitivity Chart is available world-wide from any Haag-Streit authorized dealer (e.g. Lombart Instrument). To find a dealer in your area contact:

* In USA
Peggy Fieger
Customer Service Coordinator
Reliance Medical Products
800-735-0357 phone
513-398-0256 fax

* World-wide, outside USA ...
Brian Griffiths
Clement Clarke Intl/Haag-Streit UK
+44 1279 414-969
+44 1279 635-232 fax

A discount may be granted if the charts are required for research purposes. Contact the supplier.

To print your own souvenir copy of the Pelli-Robson chart you can download an 8-bit GIF (40 KB) or a 16-bit TIFF (236 KB) file. (Choose the format you prefer. Click and hold for pop-up menu. Save to disk.) The 8-bit file gives the correct general impression, but the lowest contrasts are very inaccurate. Depending on your printer, the 16-bit file may allow you to produce the entire range of contrasts. However, contrast calibration is difficult, so for any serious research purpose we recommend obtaining a calibrated chart. You may publish this image, produced by either file, unaltered, provided appropriate credit is given:

See: Pelli, D. G., Robson, J. G., & Wilkins, A. J. (1988). The design of a new letter chart for measuring contrast sensitivity. Clinical Vision Sciences, 2(3):187-199. Copyright © 2002 D.G. Pelli and J.G. Robson. Distributed by Haag-Streit. [Click to get the PDF reprint .]

Denis Pelli and John Robson

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