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Paper Publishing Party 2007

Artists have openings. Writers have book readings. Scientists publish articles, and there is no event to mark the occasion. So we are taking matters into our own hands and throwing a party, modeled on the openings and readings. It's scheduled early so that you can just swing by without disturbing your evening plans.

Thursday, July 12, 2007, 6-8 pm, we will celebrate the publication of the four papers below (one on August 1 and three on October 26). The party is at Great Jones Cafe (on Great Jones Street near Bowery). The authors will each read a sentence from their work. Everyone is welcome.

— Denis & Kat

READINGS: Click to see Flash video or Quicktime movies of the readings: one sentence from each paper.

PAPERS: Click the red PDF icon in the right margin below to download the paper.

icon partyPelli, D. G., Tillman, K. A., Freeman, J., Su, M., Berger, T. D., & Majaj, N. J. (2007) Crowding and eccentricity determine reading rate. Journal of Vision, 7(2):20, 1-36, pdf
icon partyLevi, D. M., Song, S., & Pelli, D. G. (2007) Amblyopic reading is crowded. Journal of Vision, 7(2):21, 1-17, pdf
icon partyFreeman, J., & Pelli, D. G. (2007) An escape from crowding. Journal of Vision, 7(2):22, 1-14, pdf
icon partyPelli, D. G., & Tillman, K. A. (2007) Parts, wholes, and context in reading: A triple dissociation. PLoS ONE 2(8): e680. pdf
cakeGreat Jones photo by Holly Gerhard.
Uncrowded-window cake is gift from Jordan, Eve, and Steve Suchow.

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