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We invite you and your child to participate in our studies!

Each study involves a one-time visit to our research center at New York University near Washington Square Park (click here to find us). Studies usually take 15 minutes and are scheduled at your convenience. We recommend planning 30 minutes for your visit so that we can describe the study and answer any questions you might have. You will be with your child at all times during your visit. Siblings are welcome to come along!

In a typical study, your child will sit in your lap and hear sounds like speech or music, and see visual displays such as toys, animations, or puppet shows. Children often respond to sounds and sights they find interesting or surprising. By measuring their spontaneous responses, we can find out what children understand about language, about other people, and about the world around them.

Although most studies only involve a single visit, many children and parents come back for new studies as their children grow. We are also currently running an autism study that involves multiple visits. We encourage parents to spread the word to friends that may be eligible as well.

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