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Neuroscience of Language Lab
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The KIT/NYU MEG Joint Research Lab, which moved to NYU from MIT in July of 2008, is dedicated to the investigation of research questions involving neuroscience and cognitive function, and is the primary research facility for the Neuroscience of Language Lab (NeLLab) at NYU. MEG is a non-invasive technology monitoring magnetic activity in the brain, with the temporal and spatial resolution necessary to address critical questions about language, vision, and auditory processing.

KIT/NYU MEG lab's research groups are at the forefront of neurolinguistic research, moving beyond the field's traditional reliance on deficit/lesion studies of aphasia, surprise and error detection in ERP, and the subtractive logic of fMRI and PET.

Instead, we are pioneering the integration of psycholinguistic questions with the neuromagnetic measures of MEG. Building on results in visual word recognition, lab members are now studying the neurocomputational stages of processing morphologically complex words and sentences, and adding auditory language comprehension as an object of research.

The Neuroscience of Language Lab also conducts research at its NYU Abu Dhabi site, where it operates a second cutting-edge MEG facility.

A sample MEG recording shows the time-course of brain activation within the first half-second after a subject reads a word [MNE minimum-norm analysis on an inflated cortical representation]