Yohei Oseki

Doctoral Student

I am a Ph.D. student in Linguistics at New York University since 2013, working with Alec Marantz. My research investigates syntactic structure of words in the mind/brain. I address theoretically informed questions by employing various types of data, ranging from introspective acceptability judgments to formal behavioral/neural experiments. When explicitly linking theoretical hypotheses and experimental data, I utilize computational models to make precise predictions and compare those model predictions with human behavior.

Before coming to NYU, I got my M.A. in Linguistics from Hokkaido University in Japan and then visited University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2012-2013, where I received training in psycholinguistics/language acquisition and worked with Tom Roeper. I also hold a certificate of the Genetics & Neurobiology of Language course held at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in 2014.

yohei.oseki@nyu.edu   personal webpage

MorphLab Posters & Presentations


Oseki, Y. & Marantz, A. (2017, April). Hierarchical vs. linear syntactic models of morphological processing. Poster presented at the 30th CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing, Boston, MA.


Oseki, Y. & Marantz, A. (2016, September). Computational modeling of hierarchical morphological structures. Talk presented at the workshop "The Word and the Morpheme", Berlin, Germany.

Flick, G., Kaczmarek, A., Oseki, Y., Marantz, A., & Pylkkanen, L. (2016, August). Lexical access feeds composition: Temporal modulation of LATL combinatory activity according to lexical access demands. Poster presented at the eighth annual Society for the Neurobiology of Language Conference, London, UK.


Oseki, Y., Gwilliams, L., Blanco-Elorrieta, E., Gaston, P., Marantz, A., & Pylkkanen, L. (2015, October). Neural dynamics of morphological and phrasal composition. Poster presented at the seventh annual Society for the Neurobiology of Language Conference, Chicago.