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Broadly, researchers in the lab investigate the cognitive and neural processes underlying split-second social perception. We take an integrative and multi-method approach, combining behavioral paradigms (e.g., mouse-tracking and others), brain-imaging (fMRI), electrophysiology (EEG/ERP), and computational modeling. This allows us to address our research questions at multiple levels of analysis. Although our work is always traveling in new directions, the following are several topics we pursue.

For recent directions in our research, see Freeman and Johnson (2016) in Trends in Cognitive Sciences, Freeman, Stolier, Brooks, & Stillerman (2019) in Current Opinion in Psychology, Brooks & Freeman (2018) in Nature Human Behaviour, and Hehman, Stolier, Freeman, Flake, & Xie (2019) in Social & Personality Compass.

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Cartoon illustration at top-right by Danielle Laurenti.