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Screenshot of the main screen of the analyzer program.

A trial in an example MouseTracker experiment.

Diagram of the MouseTracker standard coordinate space and the calculation of measures of spatial attraction to the opposite response alternative: maximum deviation (MD) and area under the curve (AUC).

Screenshot of the Designer program to set up visual layout and response buttons for an experiment CSV file

Participants' trajectory data are easily imported into conditions for visualization and analysis.

Each individual trajectory can be graphically selected for detailed information on that trajectory and trial.

Populations of mouse trajectories can be examined using distributional analyses.



We (Freeman & Ambady, 2009) found that when stereotyping sex-atypical faces (e.g., a man with feminized cues), participantsí mouse trajectories were continuously attracted to the stereotype of the opposite sex (e.g., caring) before settling into their ultimate response (e.g., aggressive). As indexed by maximum deviation (bar graph), the attraction of trajectories for sex-atypical faces to the opposite-sex stereotype was statistically significant.

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