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Get involved!

If interested in joining the lab as a doctoral student, feel free to contact Dr. Freeman. If interested in joining the lab as an undergraduate or Masters student research assistant, please fill out this application and send to our lab manager.

Ph.D. Program
Interested students can apply to the Social Program or Cognition & Perception Program in NYU's Department of Psychology. Students interested in joining the lab should feel free to apply to the program that best reflects their research interests, but note that our primary affiliation is with the Social Program. General information from the Graduate School and applications can be found here.

Masters Program
Students in the terminal MA Program in NYU Psychology can volunteer or complete research in the lab for course credit as part of their research methods and experiences or independent research courses. See here for more information.

Postdoctoral Fellows & Visiting Scholars
If interested in working in the lab as a post-doc or visiting scholar, feel free to get in touch. 

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Besides the possibility of volunteering in the lab, NYU provides several opportunities to get involved in the lab's research. If interested in volunteering or these opportunities, please fill out this application and send to our lab manager.

Cartoon illustration at top-right by Danielle Laurenti.