Frequently Asked Questions

Graduate Programs

How can I request an application for graduate admissions?
You can download application materials or ask that they be sent to you via regular mail.

When are your admissions deadlines?
pdf Dates.

What do I need to do to prepare for admissions to the doctoral program?
Admission is based on research experience and academic excellence.

Do I need an MA to get into the PhD program?
No. An MA is earned on the way to the PhD. You simply need a BA or a BS; you need not have majored in Psychology.

As a PhD student, can I have a secondary specialty?
Sure, we have minors and concentrations. See the Programs page.

What type of MA programs do you offer?
We offer a General Masters degree and a Masters in Industrial/Organizational psychology.

Where can I find information on NYU's industrial/organizational psychology?
For the MA program in I/O see: MA program. For information on our PhD program in Organizational Psychology see: Social Psychology.

Can I just take a couple of classes without formally applying?
This is not possible. However, you may apply to our Masters program in General Psychology as a "non-degree student." (There is a four course limit, and the GRE's are not required).

Undergraduate Program

Where can I request an application for undergraduate admissions?
Undergraduate application information.

What's the Honors Program? How do I get into it? How might I get involved in research?
See the Honors & research section of the undergraduate page. See our Research page.

What's Psi Chi?
Psi Chi is the National Honor Society in Psychology, which exists to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship and advance the science of psychology. Check out our local Psi Chi chapter.

What careers are open to me with a BA in psychology? I'm interested in clinical practice eventually. What should I know now?
Check the APA careers page.

Costs/Financial Aid

How much does NYU cost?
Check the bursar for the latest information on tuition and fees.

Is financial aid available?
Yes for undergraduate and PhD, but not for MA.

New York City

How safe is New York?
Although life in any big city needs caution and common sense, New York is now 166th in crime among American cities (1998) and Greenwich Village is a very safe part of New York. Really.

How thrilling is New York?
dancingpainting See our Arts page, and check out some of the guides, below, to the city.

How do I find a good movie, play, concert, jazz bar, poetry reading, art opening, or other event?

The New Yorker (weekly magazine) provides thoughtful reviews and a good brief selection of current events. Time Out New York (popular weekly magazine), “an obsessive guide to impulsive entertainment,” has more extensive listings, with evaluatory comments. Buy both at any newstand. Those selected lists, both short and long, provide a better basis for a quick choice than the haphazard coverage provided by newspaper reviews, e.g. The New York Times and The Village Voice. Finally, the New York Times & Fodor's provide the New York City Travel Guide, an on-line tourist-oriented guide to visiting the city.

How can I find a good restaurant?
book Zagat provides reliable survey-based reviews of nearly every restaurant in Manhattan. You can buy the book ($14), but their web service ($4 for 30 days or $20 for a year) is more flexible because you can search and sort by your own criteria, including food quality, kind, price, and location.

A good map?
map You'll want a map in your pocket when you're on the street. The best, by far, is Streetwise Manhattan ($6.95 at any bookstore or Amazon). This folded plastic map has all the streets, buses, and subways for all of Manhattan on one page-size sheet. (Bigger maps are awkward to use in public.) Avoid the many similarly named variants, which are much less useful. Sitting at your computer, you can use Google map, and consult the Metropolitan Transit Authority bus & subway maps and schedules.

Where is NYU?
In the heart of Greenwich Village in downtown New York City, east and south of Washington Square Park, the arch of which is a famous landmark. Here's a photo tour of our neighborhood, walking around Washington Square, Greenwich Village, and SoHo. Here's our campus map and travel directions for how to get here.

What's doing in Washington Square Park?
The park often hosts scheduled musical performances. It is also possible to catch impromptu magic shows, juggling artists, mimes, solo musicians, roving astrologers and assorted street performers on any given day. There is a fountain to sit by and a dog run. See photos, if you haven't already.

How can I find an apartment? How much will it cost? What about NYU housing?
See our Housing page.

Hotels: where can my family and friends stay when they come to visit me?
Hotels in walking distance from campus are listed on the NYU hotel page. Here are some popular nearby choices:

  • Washington Square Hotel, 103 Waverly Place. Rooms range from $154-$165. Some have views of historic Washington Square Park. Ask about discounts for the NYU Community as they are based on availability. (212) 777-9515.

  • Holiday Inn, 138 Lafayette Street, one block north of Canal Street, steps from both Chinatown and Little Italy. Around $179/night (NYU discounted rate/subject to availability), depending on the season. (212) 966-8898.

  • Club Quarters, an NYU-run hotel, is downtown at 52 William Street by Wall Street. The average room price is $96/weekend nights, $154/weeknights plus $13 for each additional person. (212) 229-3802.

This 2005 New York Times article lists ten hotels under $250/night (page or pdf).

NYU Fun Facts

How old is NYU?
NYU was founded in 1831. Here's a brief history.

How many students are at NYU?
The total enrollment at NYU is 49,000 students. 550 undergraduates are majoring in psychology.

What is NYU's color and mascot?
NYU's school colors are purple and white. Our mascot is the bobcat.

Where can I buy an NYU t-shirt?
The NYU bookstore, at 18 Washington Place, sells t-shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts, sweatpants, shorts in a variety of styles and colors.

Still have a question?

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