NYU Psychology This Week


Week of 9/15/2014-9/21/2014


Monday, September 15

CNS Colloquium
Vivek Jayaraman, Janelia Farm Research Campus
Visuomoror integration in Drosophilia: more to the fly than meets the eye
6 Washington Place, Room 815

Tuesday, September 16

Social Program Brown Bag
Eric Knowles, NYU
Becoming a Group: How Changing National Demographics Will Shape White Identity and Intergroup Relations
6 Washington Place, Room 551

Neuroeconomics Seminar
Matthew Botvinick, Princeton University
Hierarchical reinforcement learning and human behavior
19 West 4th Street, Room 517

Faculty Meeting


Thursday, September 18

Cognition and Perception Area Seminar
Elizabeth Tricomi, Rutgers University
Effects of Motivation on Feedback Processing during Learning
6 Washington Place, Room 551

Friday, September 19

Linguistics Presentation
Emanuele Castano, New School for Social Research
David Kidd, New School for Social Research
Fictional Minds, Actual Worlds: How Literary Fiction Impacts Social Perception
10 Washington Place, Room 103

Skirball Seminar Series
Anthony Grace, University of Pittsburgh
Dopamine Neuron Regulation and its Disruption in Schizophrenia and Depression

Skirball Institute, 3rd Floor Seminar Room
Information: 212-263-3289

Photo ID is required to enter buildings.