NYU Psychology This Week


Week of 11/3/2014-11/9/2014


Monday, November 3

Personnel Committee

Tuesday, November 4

Social Program Brown Bag
Lindy Gullett
Gender Composition & Outcome Dependence: Reducing the Influence of Group Gender Composition on Intragroup Evaluations
Hannah Nam
To protect or protest the status quo? The neuroanatomical structure of system justification
6 Washington Place, Room 551

Neuroeconomics Seminar
David Cesarini, NYU
Smoking, Genes, and Health
19 West 4th St, Room 517

Thursday, November 6

Social Program Job Talk
Paul Conway, University of Cologne
The Process Dissociation of Moral Judgments: Clarifying the Psychology of Deontology and Utilitarianism
6 Washington Place, Room 551

CNS Third Year Talks
Mel Win Khaw
Neural Representation of Contingent Valuation
Benjamin Suutari
The role of the 5HT3a+ interneuron population in spike throughput and inhibitory tone in CA1
Stephen Keeley
A Computational Approach to Understanding the Interneuron Role in Fast and Slow Gamma
Ryan Shewcraft
Mapping Functional Connectivity Using Optogenetic Tools
6 Washington Place, Room 815

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