NYU Psychology This Week


Week of 10/24/2016-10/30/2016

Monday, October 24

CNS Colloquium
Ardem Patapoutian, Scripps Research Institute
How do you feel? The Role of Piezo Ion Channels in Mechanosensation
522 First Avenue
Smilow, 1st Floor Seminar Room

Tuesday, October 25

Social Program Brown Bag
Billy Brady
Moral contagion: How emotion shapes diffusion of moral content in social networks
Francesca Manzi
A change will (not) do you good: the role of gender stereotypes in the updating of competence perceptions
6 Washington Place, Room 551

Neuroeconomics Colloquium
Giorgio Coricelli, University of Southern California
Context-dependent learning
19 West 4th Street, Room 517

Thursday, October 27

SPiNES Seminar
James Jeanne, Harvard University
Structured Connectivity in Higher Olfaction Revealed by Two-Photon Optogenetics
Alexandria Center East, 9th Floor Conference Room

Cognition and Perception Area Seminar
Christopher Moore
, Brown University
Decorrelation Only Applies to the Less Interesting Neurons During Successful Perception (and a Brief Introduction to New Methods for Controlling Brains and Advancing Science)
6 Washington Place, Room 551

Neuroscience Institute Special Seminar
Edward Burton, University of Pittsburgh
Drug discovery for progressive supranuclear palsy using novel zebrafish models and automated neurological phenotyping tools
Alexandria East, 9th Floor Conference Room

Friday, October 28

Neuroscience Institute Special Seminar
Mary Elizabeth Sutherland, Nature Communication
Publishing cognitive neuroscience research in Nature Communications
Alexandria East, 9th Floor Conference Room

Neuroscience and Education Collaborative Meeting
6 Washington Place, Room 551

Vision Journal Club

Paper to discuss:
Principles underlying sensory map topography in primary visual cortex by Kremlin et al. 2016
Topology of ON and OFF inputs in visual cortex enables an invariant columnar architecture by Lee et al. 2016
Discussants: Eline Kupers, Jingyang Zhou and Jon Winawer
6 Washington Place, Room 851