Keeping CUNY Accessible

The CUNY conference operates on a limited budget each year. The hosting university provides some resources, conference volunteers donate their time, and all remaining support must come from registration fees and donations. In order to keep registration fees within the reach of students and junior researchers, the conference must rely on donations.


Every year the CUNY conference survives through the generosity of universities and private companies; once again the CUNY organizers ask you to to dig into your grant funds or approach your administrators to see what they can offer. Contributions of any size are welcome. In the past, the conference has received from $300 to $5000 from individual institutions. In return, the sponsoring institutions receive public thanks on the web site, in the printed conference program, and at the meeting itself.

Approaching Your Administration. To minimize your effort, the linked draft letter may be useful as you approach your administration. Please feel free to borrow some or all of it, or edit it to suit your particular situation. If there is any other way in which we can help you make your case, please let us know.

Role of Individuals

There are two other routes for drawing funds into the conference budget. An important one is for participants to pay the corporate rate if at all possible, i.e., if a grant or a faculty travel policy will cover it. This rate reflects the true cost per participant, so it relieves the burden on other sources. Also, individual donations to the conference fund are once more being solicited. If you, or anyone you know, is fortunate enough to be able to give a hundred or a few hundred dollars, the organizers would be very grateful indeed.