Jess Rowland

Lab Manager

In addition to supporting the research in the Poeppel Lab, Jess focuses on composing and performing improvisatory, experimental, and conceptual music. She is currently represented by Edgetone Records, earned composition grants from the American Composers Forum, and has been commissioned by theater and modern dance companies. Her collaborations include being the composer in residence for Shift Physical Theater, and writing musical stage works for Dreamland Theater in Ypsilanti Michigan. In addition to a recent exhibit of her sound art at the Berkeley Art Museum in May 2013 and recent performances at the Luggage Store Gallery San Francisco, Spectrum NYC, Moebius Gallery (Cambridge MA) and 10 Thousand Poets for Change, she has published a paper focusing on some of her current Sound Art concerns in the Leonardo Music Journal (LMJ 23,December 2013).

Sample Publications

  1. Rowland, J (2013) Flexible Audio Speakers for Composition and Art Practice. Leonardo Music Journal 23, in press.
  2. Farbood M, Rowland J, Ghitza O, Poeppel D (2011) An Exploration of the Temporal Dynamics of Music Processing Using Gap Insertion. Northeast Music Cognition Group Meeting 2011 Presentation
  3. Song JH, Rowland J, McPeek RM, Wade AR (2011) Attentional modulation of fMRI responses in human V1 is consistent with distinct spatial maps for chromatically defined orientation and contrast. Journal of Neuroscience, 31:12900-5
  4. Wade AR & Rowland J (2010) Early suppressive mechanisms and the negative BOLD response in human visual cortex. Journal of Neuroscience, 30: 5008-19.
  5. Rowland J & Wade AR (2010) Decoding foveal stimulus chromaticity using the peripheral V1 BOLD response. Vision Science Society 2010 Conference Presentation.