Ido Davidesco

Post-Doctoral Fellow

What is the role of cortical oscillations in speech perception? Recent models have suggested that theta phase-locking and theta-gamma phase-amplitude coupling play an important role in speech parsing (Ghitza, 2012; Ghitza, Giraud & Poeppel 2013; Giraud & Poeppel, 2012). As a test case I’m studying time-compressed speech, exploring whether cortical oscillations scale as a function of speech rate. The auditory system is tolerant to a wide range of speech rates but it is currently unknown how this tolerance to temporal variability is achieved at the neural level as well as why spoken language becomes unintelligible above certain rates. To address these issues I’m using intracranial EEG recordings in human patients, which provide millisecond temporal resolution as well as high spatial resolution.

Sample Publications

  1. Davidesco I., Harel, M., Ramot, M., Kramer U., Kipervasser S., Andelman F., Neufeld M.Y., Goelman G., Fried I., and Malach R. (2013). Spatial and object-based attention modulates Gamma-band responses across the human visual cortical hierarchy. The Journal of Neuroscience, 33(3), 1228-1240. [pdf]
  2. Davidesco I., Zion-golumbic E., Bickel S., Harel M., Groppe, D.M., Keller, C.J., Schevon, C.A., McKhann, G.M., Goodman, R.R., Goelman G., Schroeder C.D., Mehta A.D., Malach R. (In Press). Exemplar selectivity reflects “canonical” perceptual similarities in the human fusiform cortex. Cerebral Cortex. [pdf]




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