Principal Investigator

David Poeppel
Professor of Psychology


Dana Bevilacqua
Lab Manager
  • EEG and brain-to-brain synchrony "in the real-world"
  • joint attention
  • oscillations
  • neuroscience outreach and education
Jeffrey Walker
Associate Research Scientist & MEG Lab Guru
Henry Valk
Research Assistant
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • emotion regulation and stress recovery
  • implicit social cognition
  • education/neuroscience intersection
Emma Laurent
Research Assistant
  • EEG and brain-to-brain synchrony
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • OCD and anxiety disorders
  • Music perception and emotion
Laura Noejovich
Research Assistant
  • language
  • music
  • bilingualism
  • aphasia recovery
  • EEG and neural synchrony

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Keith Doelling
Post-Doctoral Fellow
  • Cortical Oscillations
  • Multi-time resolution in speech processing
  • Multi-sensory integration
Pablo Ripoll├ęs Vidal
Post-Doctoral Fellow
  • Language
  • lexical access and word learning
  • reward and memory
  • music
Florencia Assaneo
Post-Doctoral Fellow
  • Sensorimotor integration of speech
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Speech rhythms
  • Neural oscillations
Suzanne Dikker
Post-Doctoral Fellow
  • predictive processing
  • coupled neural oscillations
  • 'crowdsourcing neuroscience'
  • neurofeedback
  • art/neuroscience interface
  • neuroscience outreach and education
Ido Davidesco
Post-Doctoral Fellow
  • speech perception
  • oscillations
  • intracranial EEG

Doctoral Students

Laura Gwilliams
Doctoral Student
  • speech processing
  • predictive mechanisms
  • morphology
  • phoneme categorisation
  • magneto-encephalography
Omri Raccah
Doctoral Student
  • Memory and learning
  • Network neuroscience
  • Intracranial EEG


Saskia Haegens
Associate PI at Donders Institute (Nijmegen, Netherlands)/Associate Research Scientist at Columbia University Medical Center
  • Oscillations
  • Attention
  • Alpha Rhythms


Collaborators and Other Students Alumni