Principal Investigator

David Poeppel
Professor of Psychology


Jess Rowland
Lab Manager & Research Assistant
  • Perceptual Neuroscience with a focus on imaging modalities, fMRI amd source-localized high-density EEG
  • Sound Art, Theories of Sound & Phenomenology
Jeffrey Walker
Associate Research Scientist & MEG Lab Guru

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Florencia Assaneo
Post-Doctoral Fellow
  • Speech perception and production
  • Feedback control mechanisms
  • Internal representation of speech sounds
  • Neural network model of speech production
Suzanne Dikker
Post-Doctoral Fellow
  • predictive processing
  • coupled neural oscillations
  • 'crowdsourcing neuroscience'
  • neurofeedback
  • art/neuroscience interface
  • neuroscience outreach and education
Nai Ding
Post-Doctoral Fellow
  • Speech Perception
  • Auditory Scene Analysis
  • Auditory Neurophysiology
Adeen Flinker
Post-Doctoral Fellow
  • Speech Perception and Production
  • Electrocorticography
  • Cortical Oscillations
  • Hemispheric Asymmetries in Speech Processing
Ido Davidesco
Post-Doctoral Fellow
  • speech perception
  • oscillations
  • intracranial EEG

Doctoral Students

Keith Doelling
Doctoral Student
  • Cortical Oscillations
  • Multi-time resolution in speech processing
  • Multi-sensory integration
Xiangbin Teng
Doctoral Student
  • Auditory Processing
  • Speech Perception
  • Neural Oscillation
Gwyneth Lewis
Doctoral Student
  • Speech Perception
  • Visual and spoken word recognition
  • Lexical processing


Saskia Haegens
Post-doc at Columbia
  • Oscillations
  • Attention
  • Alpha Rhythms


Collaborators and Other Students Alumni