Collaborators and Other Students


Charlie Schroeder is a Professor at Columbia University and the Nathan Kline Institute with whom David collaborates and co-sponsors Elana Golumbic.

Oded Ghitza is a Professor at Boston University and a friend of our lab. He is a constant and welcomed visitor and collaborator with our lab.

Jonathan Simon is an Associate Professor at the University of Maryland College Park who continues to collaborate with David after his departure from UMCP to NYU.

William Idsardi is an Adjunct Professor at UMCP who like Jonathan continues to collaborate with David.

Post-Docs and Graduate Students

Gregory Cogan is a former PhD student in David's Lab. He is now a post-doc in Bijan Pesaran's lab at NYU. He continues to collaborate with us and conduct experiments with us.

Tobias Overath was a post-doc in the lab until 2010. He is now collaborating with us on some further experiments using fMRI and MEG, mostly focusing on the temporal structure of sounds. Some of these experiments are being done jointly with Josh McDermott.

Gardiner von Trapp, NYU grad student. Gardiner’s main adviser is Dan Sanes from the Center for Neuroscience. He has been doing a study on perceptual learning with Bev Wright from Northwestern University and us. He started this work as his first-year rotation in the neuroscience PhD program.

Thomas M. Schofield was a postdoctoral fellow in David Poeppel's lab.

A column by Tom Schofield about his experiences which led him on the path to becoming a scientist appeared posthumously in Nature.