Mike Gordon (post-doc).

Anthony Boemio (Ph.D. 2002, postdoc at NIMH in Peter Bandettini’s group). He now works for a part of the government that cannot be known or named.

Jeremy Bronheim, consultant in Washington DC.

Ana Gouvea (Ph.D. 2002, now faculty at Florida International University in Miami).

Kala Lakshminarayanan (Ph.D. student 1999-2002, Ph.D. at Rutgers with Paul Tallal, 2007, now a consultant in the medical publishing industry).

Silvia Gennari (postdoc; now Lecturer at York University UK).

Martin Hackl (postdoc; formerly Asst. Professor at Pomona College, now Associate Professor at MIT)

Lisa Sanders (postdoc; now Associate Professor at University of Massachusetts Amherst).

Virginie Van Wassenhove (Ph.D. 2004, postdoc at UCSF, Caltech). Multi-sensory perception, audio-visual speech, neurophysiology. Now Director of the MEG lab at NeuroSpin in Paris.

Anita Bowles (postdoc 2003-2006; now research scientist at Center for the Advanced Study of Language)

Yadong Wang (postdoc 2003-2006; now DSP Algorithm Engineer at Ditech Communications, Mountain View CA)

Maria Chait (Ph.D. 2006; as of 2007, Senior Lecturer at Univ College London, Ear Institute). Auditory cognition, speech perception, auditory cortex physiology.

Minna Lehtonen (post-doc at University of Helsinki).

Rob Fiorentino (Ph.D. 2006, now Associate Professor, Univ. Kansas). Lexical structure, lexical representation, neurolinguistics.

Anna Salajegheh (RA till 2006). Anna went to medical school at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in New York City. She is now a resident in psychiatry at Cornell Medical Center in New York.

Huan Luo (Ph.D. 2006, now in Beijing, Research Scientist, CAS). Huan used MEG and computational modeling to study how human auditory cortex encodes complex sounds.

Susannah Hoffman (RA till summer 2008). Susannah graduated from the American Repertory Theater (ART) at Harvard, studying acting.

Philip Monahan (Ph.D. 2009, postdoc San Sebastian, Basque Center for Brain, Language and Cognition, Spain)

Diogo Almeida (Ph.D. 2009, postdoc University of California, Irvine, Assistant Professor at Michigan State University) now a Professor at NYU Abu Dhabi.

Nuria Abdulsabur, current UMD/NIH student (Al Braun, advisor)

Julian Jenkins III, PhD 2011 at UMD (David Poeppel, Bill Idsardi & Jonathan Simon, advisors); post-doc at UPenn Medical Center.

Ariane Rhone, UMD PhD (David Poeppel & Bill Idsardi, advisors); post-doc at University of Iowa

So-One Hwang, UMD PhD (Bill Idsardi & David Poeppel, advisors); post-doc at UCSD

Mary Howard (postdoc; currently Research Scientist at UMD)

Tobias Overath (postdoc 2009-2011; currently a postdoc at UCL Ear Institute)

Gregory Cogan (PhD 2011; currently a postdoc at NYU in the Pesaran Lab)

Kevin Woods (B.A. 2012; currently a PhD student at the Harvard-MIT Speech and Hearing Bioscience and Technology Program)

Johanna Rimmele (postdoc 2011-2012; currently a postdoc at the University of Hamburg)

Diana Omigie (Visiting Scholar 2012; currently a post-doc at University Lille/Paris

Jean Zarate, currently Assistant Editor at Nature Neuroscience

Elana Zion-Golumbic, Assistant Professor, Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Xing Tian, Assistant Professor of Neural and Cognitive Sciences, NYU Shanghai

Luc Arnal, postdoctoral fellow, University of Geneva · Department of Fundamental Neurosciences (NEUFO)

Nai Ding, Assistant Professor, College of Biomedical Engineering and Instrument Sciences, Zhejiang University

Xiangbin Teng, Postdoctoral Researcher, Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics

Adeen Flinker, Assistant Professor of Neurology, NYU Medical Center

Jess Rowland Art Fellow 2018-2020, Lewis Center for the Arts, Princeton University

Anna Kasdan, doctoral student, working in Music Cognition Lab at Vanderbilt University Medical Center with Reyna Gordon

Gwyneth Lewis, post-doctoral researcher, The University of Memphis

Jean-Rémi King, post-doctoral researcher