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Marjorie Rhodes

Website: http://www.psych.nyu.edu/rhodes
Email: marjorie dot rhodes at nyu dot edu
CV: click here

My research examines conceptual development and the development of social cognition. In conceptual development, my work focuses on categorization: How do children categorize different kinds of objects? Does category structure vary by domain? How do children use categories to guide their inferences and behavior? How does information about within-category variability influence individuals’ concepts? In the development of social cognition, my work examines how children categorize people, as well as the implications of social categories for children’s behavior, social inferences, and moral cognition.

Lisa Chalik

Email: lisa dot chalik at nyu dot edu
CV: click here

I am a PhD student here in the lab. My research focuses on how young children use social categories to make inferences about other people's attitudes and behaviors. One primary question that my research asks is: How do young children incorporate social categories into their moral evaluations? By the preschool years, children expect that people hold special moral obligations toward their fellow social category members--I am currently investigating the developmental processes that might give rise to these beliefs. When I'm not in the lab, I can usually be found baking, taking pictures, or traveling.

Emily Foster Hanson

Email: emily dot fosterhanson at nyu dot edu

I am a PhD student in the lab. I am interested in how environmental input, such as certain types of language children hear or the culture they grow up in, shapes conceptual development and categorization. When I have time, I also enjoy doing edible science like fermenting sauerkraut.
Tara Mandalaywala

Email: tmandalaywala at nyu dot edu
CV: click here

I am currently a postdoctoral fellow in the CDSC. My research takes a comparative approach to investigating the effects of experience on the development of social cognition and behavior in human and non-human primates. After studying lemurs and monkeys in college and graduate school, my work in the CDSC will examine whether racial identity mediates acute stress responses to social categories in human children. In my free time, I love to travel and explore new places.
Kathryn Yee

I manage the general functioning of the lab and am involved in various projects here at the CDSC. I received my degree in Psychology from NYU and have experience in the mental health field working with at-risk youth. I am interested in examining areas of conceptual development that may have implications for identity and culture. I also enjoy working with children, traveling and experiencing new things.
Elysia Choi

I am currently an undergraduate at NYU majoring in Psychology with a minor in Business. I have always loved working with children and am fascinated by the way they interact with each other and also learn new ideas. I hope to keep studying the development of children to the point where one day I could teach it. I love listening to music, doing yoga, and exploring new restaurants in NYC.
Anna Zhen

I am a senior at NYU majoring in psychology and double minoring in child adolescent mental health studies and sociology. I have worked with children in a school environment for years and I am very interested on how a child's family, school and surrounding social spheres can affect their development. In addition I am very interested in neuroscience and seek to learn more about the science behind the mechanisms of the brain. In my free time I enjoy playing tennis, biking and drinking a good cup of tea while chatting with friends and family.
Elyana Feldman

I am currently an undergrad studying Psychology and Italian. I love engaging with children in both a formal and informal setting, be it as a preschool teacher or just a camp counselor. Seeing how children react to their surroundings and interact with other children has always interested me. I hope to be an adolescent psychologist for children with genetic and developmental disorders. My hobbies include skiing, cooking, travelling, camping, and listening to music!
Jennifer Kwong

I am currently an undergraduate at NYU majoring in Biology. I recently transferred from Boston University but have lived in New York all my life. I love working with kids and seeing how I can make a difference in their lives. I’m planning on minoring in child developmental psychology and am particularly interested in how children form ideas about the world solely based on the environment around them; it’s fascinating how babies are able to pick up so much around them. In my free time, I love playing the piano, swimming, skiing, and making new friends.
Michael Sabarese

I am a sophomore at NYU majoring in Biochemistry pursuing minors in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Studies and Genetics. I am from Bay Shore, NY, and I love to read, spend time at the beach, and watching sports. I find ways to relax through track and field, basketball, and baseball. I am interested in studying the many incredible social functions of the brain, and how our brains develop into the powerful biological machines they are. I am thankful to be working with such a great team on some really interesting research here in the lab.
Gabrielle Ranger-Murdock

I am currently an undergraduate student at NYU studying Psychology. I am double minoring in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Studies and Poverty Studies. Through my years of working with children in multiple settings, I have developed a vast interest in their development. I am very interested in how children’s social development varies depending on their cultural differences and social experiences. In addition, I want to know why these experiences impact children differently later in life. I hope to pursue my Ph.D. in pediatric clinical psychology. I enjoy baking, dancing, and spending time with my family.
Amelia Lee

I am an undergraduate student at New York University majoring in psychology and minoring in child and adolescence mental health studies. I am currently a research assistant in the lab, and I am interested in the development of children and how their minds work when they learn, form social relationships, and interact with the world around them. I enjoy working with children and in my free time I love to horse-back ride, travel, and spend time with my family and friends.
Nekita Singh

I am currently a senior at CUNY Queens College. Through my research involvement at CUNY Queens, I have developed an interest in social work and public health. I am currently an interdisciplinary major working with the departments of Urban Studies and Women Studies while also earning my minor in psychology. My course work, has provided me with knowledge of gender related health theory and practice in urban areas. Through my involvement with CDSC I endeavor to gain a better understanding of psychology and its application to improving quality of life. With this knowledge, I aspire to understand and determine methods of resolving medical issues that are faced due to cultural norms and practices in underdeveloped countries. My ultimate goal is to further my studies by pursuing a dual degree master’s program in Social Work and Public Health (MSW/MPH). I would like to concentrate on childhood, adolescent, and displaced family populations that are under-served and overlooked, inorder to examine the legal, policy, and human rights dimensions of health.
Daniel Brady Cole

I am currently a sophomore at Gallatin with a concentration in Psychology, Ethnic Studies, and their Intersection. I am fascinated by the different speeds and manner in which children develop, specifically in early childhood. I hope to possibly one day have my own practice as a psychotherapist in either New York or San Francisco, seeing both adults and children. In my free time one can usually find me playing basketball, skateboarding, or just hanging out with friends.
Faith Robinson

I am an undergraduate student at New York University, majoring in Global Public Health with a concentration in Health Science and a minor in Chemistry. I am extremely interested in exploring how psychological and social concepts of race intersect with physiological response in underserved communities. In the future, I hope to pursue an MD/PhD in Socio-Behavioral Sciences to better understand how race-based social constructs impact minority health. In my spare time I enjoy reading, painting, poetry and all things cheesecake.
Tatiana Lafleur

I am currently a graduating senior at Brooklyn College majoring in Psychology. I have always had a profound interest in the way people think, the manner in which they form concepts, and how the concepts they form influence their interactions with others. I believe that best way to look into this is to gain an understanding of how it all started. The way a child learns, reasons, and makes sense of others behavior is important because it is the foundation for how they may possibly think and react to others as adults. As an aspiring student affairs administrator, working with children now will allow me to attain some insight on how to work with them as adults in the future. Moreover, I am excited to be at the lab because I love working with children. In my spare time, I love playing with my puppy, listening to music, dancing, and spending time with my loved ones.
Christina Chu

I am currently an undergraduate majoring in Psychology with a minor in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Studies. I am interested in studying how children grow, develop, and come to understand the world in an environment neither their parents nor their peers have experienced, specifically how children straddling different cultures growing up to find their own identities, unique from their families and friends. In the future, I hope to work closely with children, youths and their families in exploring, advocating, and treating mental health issues. In my free time, I love drawing, music, comic books, and tackling DIY projects!
Marina Solomonova
Website: https://mssergeyevna.wordpress.com

I am a junior at CUNY's Hunter College and I am double majoring in Psychology and English Literature. I live in Brooklyn, NY although I am originally from Ukraine. I have always loved children and had an avid interest as to how they come to realize their moral understanding based on their intuition and exposure to the world. I am interested in further learning about the natural cognitive processes that allow children to justify their concepts of what is moral. Aside from my interest in Psychology, I occupy myself with traditional art such as drawing and painting, photography, and literature analysis.


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